What is the difference between the Onoff Business management platform and the Onoff Business application?

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The Onoff Business management interface allows you to manage the entire company's mobile fleet and the numbers of all users.
Also, you have the possibility to change your offer, set up your Greeting or discover our various integrations.
The management interface can be accessed from the link https://web.onoffbusiness.com/login and the login details are the email address and the password given when the account was created. 

The Onoff Business application is downloaded to all users' phones so that they can make calls and send SMS with their Onoff Business mobile numbers.
Go to the Play Store or Apple Store and type in Onoff Business (please do not download the classic Onoff application)
Then the employee will be able to log in with his user email address and the password sent by email when creating this user on your management interface. 

If you are both the console manager and the mobile application user, be aware that the login information for these two accesses are different.
We suggest you keep them separate!

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