CRM - Why aren't my calls, SMS and VM not being logged on the CRM?

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If you experience issues logging calls, SMS or VM in your CRM, please make sure that all the necessary conditions are met:
-The Onoff Business administrator of your company already set up the integration, and the integration is currently active
-Your Onoff number is enabled to sync with the integration, if you have doubts check with your admin
-The interaction (call/SMS/VM) involved a Contact or a Lead existing in your CRM. Make sure that the contact was registered in the CRM with a phone number in the proper format (we support phone numbers in international format only, i.e., including the country code, example: '+33 6 xx xx xx xx' and not '06 xx xx xx xx') or else no data will be logged in the CRM.

If all conditions are met but the issue persists, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team

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