Pipedrive - How to use the Onoff Business x Pipedrive integration

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With the Onoff Business integration, all telephony activities that happen via the Onoff app, Webapp, MS Teams and Chrome extension are automatically logged in Pipedrive. For these events to be logged automatically in the CRM a few conditions need to be met:
-The Onoff Business administrator of your company must have set up the integration, and the integration is active
-The Onoff number related to the event is enabled to sync with the integration - if you have doubts check with your admin
-The interaction (call/SMS/VM) involved a Contact or a Lead existing in your CRM. Moreover, the contact was registered in the CRM with a phone number in the right format (we support phone numbers in international format only, ie including the country code)

If ALL conditions are met, then: every call, SMS or VM will be logged automatically in the timeline activity of the corresponding Contact in your CRM.
For calls, we will display the exact date of the call, the result, the duration, the phone numbers of the caller & callee, plus the url of the VM recording in the case of a missed call.
For SMS you will be able to find the exact date of the SMS, plus the body of the message!

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