Pipedrive - How to setup the Onoff Business x Pipedrive integration

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Follow our installation process in 3 steps:
*Please note, you will need admin rights both for the Onoff and Pipedrive platforms, or to provide the email of the CRM admin in your organization

For new accounts:
-Subscribe to Onoff Business here (add trackable url: https://web.onoffbusiness.com/register?utm_source=crm_marketplace&utm_medium=listing&utm_campaign=pipedrive_marketplace)
-Create and assign numbers to your employees
-Follow the following steps to set up the integration

For existing accounts:
-Log in to your Onoff Business admin account and click the ""install"" button in the integrations page (add link here)
-You will be redirected to the Pipedrive screen where you will be able to log in and select the account you want to set up. Then grant the permissions for Onoff to be able to sync with your Pipedrive contacts
-In case you don't have admin rights to grant the necessary permissions, you will be able to provide the contact info of the person in your organization that does. You will be notified once the permissions are granted
-And that's it! The integration is now up and running. You can come back anytime to the Onoff Business admin account to manage the integration and to add or delete users from the integration.

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