Zoho - How is my Call/SMS/VM logged in Zoho on Deals page?

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When you set up the Onoff business integration with your Zoho account, all telephony activities that happen via the Onoff app are automatically logged in the timeline activity of the corresponding contact's Opportunity in your CRM if you match the following requirements: Deal is in an open stage, and there is no Account linked with the contact. In Zoho, you can't log activities at the same time in Account and in Deals. In that case, Account has priority, if there is no account linked, activity will be logged in Deals.
For calls, we will display the exact date of the call, the result, the duration, the phone numbers of the caller & callee, plus the url of the VM recording in the case of a missed call.
For SMS you will be able to find the exact date of the SMS, plus the body of the message!
In case you have more than one Deal associated with a contact in Zoho, logs will automatically be sent to the most recent associated open deal.

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